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How Do You Seek God?

March 3, 2013

Seeking God by nature is experiential, and it works best with all concerns about conforming or having a competitive corner on the "God market" aside. Non-judgmental reflection upon and interrogation of our experiences in the world can help us peel through the information we glean from stories of the Bible and the agendas of theologians or preachers to a deeper layer of who God is and what God does. This can get tricky; the lack of control over other people’s experiences of God is why so many religious traditions give it no room. But that’s also why it’s the foundation of Femmevangelicalism. For women, desperately trying to understand our everyday experiences is at the heart of even beginning to try and understand who God is. It has to be, because so much of women’s daily experience around the globe – street harassment, sex trafficking, domestic violence, genital mutilation, child marriages, pornification and commodification of our bodies, poverty, lack of government influence, general media misogyny and disrespect — feels like hell.

Do you consider your unique, personal experiences as you seek God? Do you expect that your faith will help you make sense of your purpose, and help you create justice for yourself and others? Or do you find yourself being forced to conform your beliefs to a God who is so structured by the past and by others who do not share your life experiences? What are you really looking for when you seek God?

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Jennifer Crumpton, please clarify your website's title, "the Modern girl's guide to the Good News".

Are you trying to say that the good news (what Jesus Christ did to reconcile use to God) is subjective and can be interpreted differently?

Are you also suggesting that life experiences is how one can define God?